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Some guys with an interest in video games, comics, anime, fantasy literature, or other some such related subject collect “action figures”  – dolls, in other words. These dolls “collectable action figures” usually represent a specific character from whatever media they are sourced from and the IP issues can become rather  … umm … interesting at times, but when push comes to shove, some guys just like to collect dolls.

My interest in dolls “action figures” began when I saw an advertisement on Amazon for a 1:6 scale complete kit for  the signature female Elf Mystic from Lineage II, a MMORPG. The manufacturer – Super Duck – didn’t call it that, of course, it was “Elf Cosplay Costume, 1/6 scale collectable figure for TBLeague S010D body, SKU Set-043”. It was gorgeous, it was an elf, and I had to have it. Thus began my descent into the “I’m spending too much money on dolls action figures” abyss.

Action figures are usually sold in different levels of “completeness”, depending on the manufacturer and the IP owner of the character (if any).  These can be classified by the following categories.

  • Complete Figures – everything in the box, some assembly usually required. Most officially licensed figures come complete like this, and complete figures are usually sold in fancy full color retail boxes and often come with additional display scenery and stands.
  • Full Kits – complete outfit and head sculpt included, just add the body. Assembly is definitely required.
  • Partial or “Costume” Kits – complete outfit included, but both body and head sculpt are not included.
  • Custom – do it all yourself from bits and pieces.
Nearly all of the complete figures and full kits are, unfortunately, collectables, which means that after the initial limited-production run the SKU is retired and the kit quickly becomes unavailable except from the usual third-party internet scalpers. Blech. This can be a real PITA if you want a particular character and you are late to the party. I really dislike this aspect of the industry, and is a major reason why I tend to avoid buying licensed figures (which are always collectables), and [rant redacted] … [more ranting redacted].
Enough of my rambling – have some links to my figure galleries.