Charlène Mallet
Kidnapping Victim

Custom Kit

  • Body: Phicen PLLB2015-S07C 
  • Head: SuperDuck SDH011-D
  • Outfit: ZYToys ZY5017
  • Footwear: ZYToys ZY1008A

Charlène is having a really bad day / week / month / whatever. She was abducted by an unnamed foreign intelligence agency after being mistaken for a notorious counter-agent. While she was being interrogated the agency discovered the she was not in fact the desired target. Fortunately for Charlène she was not put in the immediate disposal category.  Unfortunately for Charlène the agency was not willing to admit to its mistake and simply release her; instead she found herself sold to an overseas organization whose chief field boss in charge of transportation wanted a private “companion”.  As a result Charlène found herself on board a private luxury ocean yacht as the boss’s personal plaything, and she is not really enjoying the experience.

Name Origin: French