The Elves of Ravenspire

Ravenspire was a setting for an old fantasy RPG game I ran back in the late 70’s. The first set of the core AD&D rulebooks had been published and found wanting, so I synthesized a variant that included game mechanics from several other RPGs into a custom rulebook addendum that allowed me to run a very successful group for more than a year before the players scattered due to graduations / jobs / family issues / etc.

When I bought my first 1:6 scale action figure – Ariawynn – I realized that I could reuse my old D&D setting to give my future purchases a theme and allow me to create some original characters and backgrounds for a nice set of story vignettes or even a small animation. So Ravenspire was reborn as a major trading hub in the world of Teagatia, complete with humans, elves, dragons, and other typical fantasy trappings.

At one time the Ravenspire collection was comprised almost entirely of elves (one can never have too many elves, after all), but that was before Countess Maissier and her expanding cadre of indentures arrived on the scene.  I still have a long list of planned elven personalities, but the difficulty in finding appropriate outfits for their various professions has delayed the further expansion of the Ravenspire elves for the time being.