Dead or Alive

Full Kit

  • Kit: SuperDuck SET011-A Fighting Girl
  • Body: Phicen S07C (PLLB2015-S07C)
  • Footwear: Kumik FS-23

I originally bought this kit for the head since I don’t really care that much for this particular outfit. Costume 8 “Infiltrator” from DoA5LR was originally released as a DLC outfit in Ninja Gaiden 3 and it was one of Super Duck’s early “Fighting Girl” sets.  SET011 has long been out of print, so when it became available again it was rather … suspicious.  Turns out this particular kit is a Thai knockoff, the pleather is old and cracking, and the boots are brown instead of black (and also cracking).  I put it together just long enough to get the pics, and will eventually toss everything but the head and kodachis once I’m able to figure out how to make Ayane’s Purple Butterfly minidress from DoA1.

Ayane shows up on occasion in the Madigan’s Mercenaries universe as Kinoshita Ayane, Kasumi and Kagami’s half-sister.