Juliette Devereux
Captive / Hostage

Custom Kit

  • Body: Phicen PLMB2017-S18A
  • Head: SuperDuck SDH028-D
  • Outfit: ACPlay ATX-025-A Black Qipao
  • Lingerie: unbranded panties
  • Stockings: FireGirl FG-YC-004A
  • Footwear: Toyscentre TCT-013A
  • Accessories: Custom sterling silver shackles, collar, and chain

Juliette is the daughter of a minor noble in Northmarch who fell seriously out of favor with the ruling Earl.  She was “acquired” and shipped off to Maissier through a rather twisted succession of traders, slavers, and “employment specialists”. Lady Mireille is still deciding what exactly to do with her, but that hasn’t prevented the Countess from adding Juliette to her household servant staff (at least temporarily).