ELven Indentured Servant

Custom Kit

  • Body: Phicen S07C (PLLB2015-S07C)
  • Head: YMToys YMT09-A with elf ears
  • Outfit: JiaouDoll JOA-011-20B
  • Stockings: unbranded lace-top stockings
  • Boots: ZYToys ZY1023-A
  • Custom sterling silver collar
  • Custom sterling necklace

Faylen and her sister Gweyir have been in captivity most of their lives.  They were acquired when they were 7 years old by a group of so-called bandits who raided their village when most of the adults were absent due to a series of suspiciously unfortunate circumstances.  They are under their third master who uses them as attendants and providers of ‘special services’ at Whytton’s in Ravenspire.