Kasumi (fetish version)
Dead or Alive

Custom Kit

  • Body: Phicen S10D (PLLB2015-S10D)
  • Head: SuperDuck SET023
  • Outfit: JiaouDoll J021X-24C
  • Footwear: ZYToys ZY1008C

In addition to the two Kasumis in the black and white tunics, I managed to find just the head from someone who had kitted out a SET023 at some point. I didn’t have anything in particular planned for the extra head except for saving it if I found something to make one of the various DLC outfits. However, when I noticed that the red J021X-C outfit I had picked up was a nice complement to the black ZY5004, I thought that a nice role-reversal between Kasumi and Ayane was appropriate, so both Fetish Kasumi and Fetish Ayane was born.