Madigan's Mercenaries

I didn’t originally intend to buy any modern outfits when I started collecting 1:6 scale action figures since I had plans for creating a small company of elves for Ravenspire.  However, I quickly discovered that there was a huge variety of full and custom kits for female figures in modern dress, from professionally themed to everyday clothing, not to mention the bedroom lingerie and fetish clothing. There was also a large variety of Secret Agent and totally inappropriate Female Military costumes available.

Who could resist Girls With Guns?  Not me, obviously.

So, to complement the fantasy Ravenspire setting I created Madigan’s Mercenaries, a company started by an now-former IRA associate when she hurriedly left her homeland due to the authorities rolling up the cell led by her ex-boyfriend. This quickly branched out to include her little cousin Brigid, Brigid’s girl band, and a variety of other supporting characters.