Dead or Alive

Full Kit

  • Kit: SuperDuck SET023-B Fighting Girl 2.0 Black
  • Body: Phicen S07C (PLLB2015-S07C)

Kasumi is probably my favorite character from the Dead or Alive series, so when I started collecting action figures it didn’t take long to find the Super Duck “Fighting Girl” series.  Unfortunately it was loooooooooong out of print at this point.  Have I mentioned just how much I detest “collectables” markets?  Yeah …

It took a while to hunt down a copy of SET023 and when I did there were two copies available, one white and one black.  I spent too much in buying both, but that didn’t stop me from pulling the trigger on the buy.  I could never find the original blue version of this.

Kasumi shows up on occasion in the Madigan’s Mercenaries universe as Kinoshita Kasumi along with her ‘adopted twin sister’ Kagami (Phase 4) and half-sister Ayane.